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Ouril board game


Ouril game is played in Cape Verde. It is also known as uril, oril, ouri or ori. The seeds are known as ‘ouris’, because come from the shrubs “Caesalpinia bonduc” and “Caesalpinia major”, known in Cape Verde as “ourinzeira”. It is traditionally played mostly by men. It is rare to see women playing ouril. It was carried by slaves from the west coast of Africa (Senegal and Gambia) during Portuguese colonialism that began in the fifteenth century. Santiago is the first Cape Verde island where appears ouril because this island was the first place where the slaves were carried. From here to Boavista and then to the island of São Vicente, which is said that’s the place where this game is more played than any other place. – See more at: http://www.awale.info/africa-occiden….5XphjMSo.dpuf

Somewhat ironic that apparently this game is played most in São Vicente even though this island is said to be among the most Europeanized of all islands. The closest etymology for the name in Capeverdean Crioulo comes from either Wolof (Wure) or Mandinga (Wouri).

Quint (2008) identifies it as Wolof






Game being played in Gambia
Wuri-Ida-explaining gambia



On Capeverdean island of Santiago (woman also wearing Pano cloth)




On Capeverdean island of São Vicente

Local men play ouril int the city of Mindelo. Cape Verde, Africa.

Local men play ouril int the city of Mindelo. Cape Verde, Africa.