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  1. Maï schreef:

    Hello ! I thank you for the research I will read all in the next weeks !
    I would read something about white people who mixed with the black people in this context.
    In the context of Reconquista the sailors where mixed with new catholics and perhaps italians from Genova … ??? and the prisoners from the portuguese crown …
    What the genetic says about that ?
    Excuse me for my poor english !
    Many thanks.

    • FonteFelipe schreef:

      Merci beaucoup! This website is actually focussing only on the African roots of Cape Verdeans. But most Cape Verdeans are of mixed origins to some degree and of course their other origins are also very fascinating. If you want to read more specifically about the mixed genetics of Cape Verdeans i can recommend this paper: The Admixture Structure and Genetic Variation of the Archipelago of Cape Verde and Its Implications for Admixture Mapping Studies

      I will shortly add a new page to this website with some exciting personal DNA testing results for Cape Verdeans on Ancestry.com. So you might want to check that out also 🙂

      • Clifford J Pereira schreef:

        Indeed Felipe. I do have a paper on academia on Luso-Asians in Macaronesia – which of course includes Cabo Verde, Madeira and the Açores.

        • FonteFelipe schreef:

          Hello Clifford, thanks so much for letting me know about your research! I had a look on your Academia page and I was greatly impressed! I would love to read this paper you mentioned. I have sent you a request to upload it on Academia.

          You might be interested to know that I have been investigating the genetic legacy of these Luso-Asians in Cape Verde for a while now. In almost all cases this will be greatly diluted as this would be traced back to one single South Asian ancestor (possibly already mixed with Portuguese) from many generations ago. People may be aware of such Luso-Asian connections when relatively recent from the 1900’s or 1800’s. But I imagine in some cases it might be going back to the 1700’s or 1600’s even?

          Through personal DNA testing I have myself discovered some minor South Asian admixture which I was not aware of. Given that it was a rather small percentage (<1%), at first I was inclined to dismiss it as most likely "noise" or a misreading. However by looking at other DNA results of Cape Verdeans I have noticed that such South Asian admixture is quite widespread and can also reach higher levels of around 5% even. Which provides a much more reliable basis.

          See these links below for my survey findings based on AncestryDNA results. I intend to eventually publish a follow-up on the South Asian matches as well as admixture results on 23andme on my other blog:

          100 Cape Verdean AncestryDNA results (go to section 6)
          DNA matches reported for 50 Cape Verdeans on AncestryDNA (part 1) (South Asian DNA matches will be discussed in greater detail in part 2)

  2. Clifford J Pereira schreef:

    Thank You for including my paper on the Panos de Terra on this website.

    Muito obrigado por incluir o meu papel dos Panos de Terra neste website.

    Asante sana ikiwa ni pamoja na karatasi yangu kwenye website hii.

    Clifford J Pereira FRGS

  3. Susan Hurley-Glowa schreef:

    Greetings! You are doing very good work. I want to reference your site in a book project that I am working on, but I am not exactly seeing your name. How would be the best way to cite this website as a source? My project is on the musician Norberto Tavares.

    • FonteFelipe schreef:

      Hello Susan, my apology for the late reply! I wasn’t notified that any comments had been made. I am very pleased and greatly honoured that you would want to refernce my work in your upcoming book project! You can cite FonteFelipe as being the author of http://www.cvraiz.com. Allmost all the text featured on this website was written in December 2014.

      My regular blog is “Tracing African Roots“. I have written several articles about Cape Verde over there, incl. this one which might also interest you: Cape Verdean AncestryDNA results. I am actually preparing an update of that article, hopefully to be published this summer.

      I would be very much interested to hear when your book is finished! Please let me know when it’s available as well as the title.


  4. Yahaya ba schreef:

    I am Cape Verdean but not criola . I am full blooded Toroodo fulani . I find that western historians over look the pure African element on the islands there are Fulani’s , balantes, manjakas , and I believe Mandings too I don’t know how they escaped slavery or if they came afterwards . But I know my folks generations ago came from Mauritania.

    • FonteFelipe schreef:

      Very intriguing! There are several documented references of mainland Africans arriving in Cape Verde out of their own will. This goes back to the 1400’s/1500’s even!

  5. Elisabete Gonçalves schreef:

    Congratulations for the excellent work!
    I am from Portugal. I did a collection of Cultural Heritage with students. Some brought elements from Cape Verde (written files).
    We will do an exhibition with images. Can we use photos from your website? how should we reference them?

    Thank you verry much.
    Elisabete Gonçalves

    • FonteFelipe schreef:

      Muito obrigado Elisabete!
      Best of luck with your exhibition. I would be greatly honoured to be featured as well by way of photo’s from this blog. You are welcome to use them! You can use my blog’s name CVRAIZ.com by FonteFelipe as a general reference.

      But I have actually taken most of the images on my blog from other sources. Most of the references for the tables, charts etc. to be found on this page. In case you are looking for a reference for a specific image feel free to ask me.

      Best regards

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